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CPI Stands With the Yemeni People Jan 7th 2024

By Noah Schenk1/18/2024
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On Sunday January 7th CPI members from around the country took the streets to stand in solidarity with the Yemeni people, heroically standing against the colonial outpost of US Imperialism that calls itself Israel, currently engaged in a brutal genocide of Palestinians. In Chicago, Portland, California and New York, small demonstrations were held to deliver a much needed message to the American people, and to show the Ansarullah movement (informally called the Houthis) that they are not alone, and that the whole world is inspired by their heroism. 

America, conceived as a shining beacon of hope, freedom and justice, today sits on its hands and facilitates the callus sacrifices of thousands of men, women and children, in their cynical game of geopolitics. But the spirit of the American Republic; the revolutionary tradition that stood up to the seemingly invincible “free trade” empire of the British, is alive and well. A specter is haunting the Red Sea. The American spirit has inspired the Houthi people to fight back against this hideous injustice, and the ghost of the true America has spooked our decaying empire into foolishly intervening on behalf of the criminals in Tel Aviv.

In light of this development and the looming possibility of American servicemen being sent to fight and die, to suppress the Yemeni people, we at the Center For Political Innovation felt it necessary to intervene. Our members reminded passersby of our own revolutionary tradition, of the Boston Tea Party, and the American Revolution. They pointed to our own decaying infrastructure and declining standard of living, and the injustice of American tax-dollars, and precious young lives being wasted to attack some of the poorest people on earth. 

The real America stands with Yemen. Palestine will be free, thanks to the Heroes in the Red Sea!