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What is CPI?

The Center for Political Innovation (CPI) is a socialist education project and community of solidarity, formed when members of the “Students and Youth for a New America” clubs on various campuses sought to consolidate their work and take on bigger projects.

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Young

CPI President, Board of Directors

Elisabeth Young is a multimedia artist with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Willamette University. Deeply committed to an interdisciplinary approach to creativity and communications.

Is actively involved in the political arena since beginning to read and study revolutionary history and anti-imperialist struggles. As the President of the Center for Political Innovation, had the honor of representing CPI at the World Anti Imperialist Platform's 5th conference in Athens, Greece.

Enjoys connecting with people and hearing from diverse perspectives, characterized by a desire for continuous learning. This combination represents an intention to contribute to the development of a more informed and engaged society.

Djedah Domingo

CPI Board of Directors

Resides in the Midwest and loves its endless skies.

Anti-Imperialist, Free Speech and Luxury for All Advocate.

Enjoys dancing, meditation, yoga, shopping, dining out and watching/reading/talking politics.

Healthcare worker, wife, mother, immigrant, roman catholic, vegan and theosophist.

Caleb Maupin

Ideological leader

Caleb Maupin is the ideological leader and founder of the Center for Political Innovation, working closely with the President and Board of Directors to oversee the function of the organization.

Born in rural Ohio and growing up among conservatives, some of his first political activities included walking the picket line with his mother when she went on strike as a librarian in Stark County. He also visited Ecuador amid the episode of malnutrition and displacement spawned by Neoliberal economics in the late 1990s.

In Cleveland, Ohio he was a well known community activist, video recording acts of police brutality, opposing war, supporting prisoners and teaching classes on Marxism. In New York City he became a media spokesperson for former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, representing Clark during the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Syrian Civil War and the 2014 Euro-maiden Coup in Ukraine.

In 2015 he participated in a humanitarian rescue mission with the Red Crescent Society attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Yemen. The ship sparked an international incident.

He works as a journalist on international television, and his writings have been translated and published in Persian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese. He has been a featured speaker at conferences held in Tehran, Sochi, Quito, Caracas and Moscow.

Our Accomplishments

The Saxton Lectures
June 23rd, 2021 - The CPI convenes its first in real life national gathering in Saxton, Pennsylvania. The gathering of 40 people was the first time that 8-model classes on socialism and the City Building Tendency were presented. The Saxton Lectures became the basis of future CPI educational seminars.
Alex Saab campaign
When Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab was extradited to the United States in violation of international law, CPI organized an emergency protest in Times Square. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro mentioned the protest his speech that evening.
Participation in Nicaragua Elections
The CPI dispatches members to Nicaragua to observe the elections.
Free America from the Neoliberal Empire
The CPI holds its first public conference in Austin, Texas featuring prominent social media personalities speaking in support of Russia after the special military operation in Donbass is launched. Video of the conference’s opening ceremony featuring the Soviet and US Flags as well as the flag of the Donetsk Peoples Republic goes viral and is featured on television across the planet.
Linn Valley School
CPI holds a national training school in Linn Valley, Kansas.
CPI is Targeted by Ukraine
CPI founder Caleb Maupin is placed on the Ukrainian governments list of “information terrorists.” The list has been described as a “kill list” with a number of those included on it being assassinated.
Unite Against the Imperialists
CPI holds a conference in Chicago to show support for the African Peoples Socialist Party after its offices are raided by the FBI and to honor Tara Reade for her journalism and courage in exposing Joe Biden. The conference also featured Nick Brana of the Peoples Party.
Return of CPI
CPI is relaunched after overcoming an internal struggle, internet smear campaign and attempted hostile takeover. After relaunching CPI adopts new procedures to protect itself from similar future attacks. Some of the individuals involved in the smears and internal sabotage have now admitted they were compensated for their disruptive activities.
Rage Against the War Machine
CPI co-sponsors the Rage Against The War Machine protests in Washington DC where thousands gathered to oppose sending weapons to Ukraine and call for de-esclation with Russia and China. After the event the CPI hosted a reception for protesters that was attended by nearly 200 people, and gave a special platform to former UN Weapons Inspector and Military Analyst Scott Ritter.
Summit Against Hypocrisy
The CPI convenes a two-day national gathering in Washington DC to oppose Biden’s “Summit for Democracy.” The event is titled “Summit Against Hypocrisy” and featured many prominent speakers and anti-imperialist voices.
CPI confronts Tsai Ing-Wen
CPI members confront Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-Wen outside her hotel in New York City demanding she “Stop selling war in our country!”
Missouri Retreat
CPI members hold a national retreat gathering and training school in Missouri.
Money and American Injustice
CPI holds a forum called “Money and American Injustice” in New York City exposing the criminal justice system and how it targets the poor.
Dare to Win! A World Beyond Imperialism
CPI holds its first national convention in Portland, Oregon centered on the coming end of imperialism and the need for America to accomodate the global shift towards Russia and China. It featured several international guest speakers, as well as prominent local anti-war activists.

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