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Statement of Support Uhuru Movement

By Center For Political Innovation4/23/2023
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The Center for Political Innovation wishes to offer its full, unequivocal support to the Uhuru Movement, the African Peoples Socialist Party and Chairman Omali Yeshitela in the face of FBI repression, threats of prosecution, bank harassment, financial suppression, intimidation and other violations of civil liberties.

The heroic anti-imperialist stance of the Uhuru Movement, linking the struggle of the Black people of America with Russia and its resistance to imperialism and neoliberalism is courageous. As the imperialists attempt to whitewash their image and present themselves as “woke” saviors of the planet and purveyors of human rights, the vicious campaign aimed at the Uhuru movement exposes their utter hypocrisy.

The African Peoples Socialist Party has been advocating reparations and carrying out a program of Black liberation and anti-colonialism for decades. To characterize them as Russian agents or foreign conspirators is absurd and a step toward criminalizing all anti-war activism and dissent.

It is urgent that all forces who oppose war, oppose FBI repression, stand for civil liberties and the right to organize raise their voices in support of the Uhuru Movement. The Center for Political Innovation will not refrain from highlighting this case at every opportunity and pointing to the dangerous implications of how this group of Black revolutionaries is being targeted. We call on other forces to do the same.

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