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Re-Start the Negotiations! Peaceful Re-Unification of the Korean Peninsula!

By Center for Political Innovation8/1/2022
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Regardless of how disappointed you were in Donald Trump’s four years as president, no one can disagree that his opening the door to peace with North Korea was historic. Trump met with Kim Jong Un and even visited the DPRK. Whatever Trump’s intentions were, it was clear some elements within his administration and the US government apparatus did not approve. On the 22nd of February 2019, an attack against North Korea’s Embassy was staged by CIA-linked forces in Spain. John Bolton made a number of statements that seemed to be undermining negotiations.

US military contractors have a lot to gain financially by keeping the Korean Peninsula militarized and divided. However, the results of North Korea being secure enough to give up its nuclear weapons and have a “reform and opening up” moment amid the lifting of sanctions could be tremendous for the global economy. The people of North Korea are multilingual, educated, and are skilled in technology and engineering. Korea’s mountains are full of coal and important minerals.

On August 27th, the Center for Political Innovation is calling a National Day of Action to raise awareness about the danger of war and the need for continuing peaceful dialogue. A reunified Korea in which the Korean Workers Party in the north shared power with the various political forces in the south, and North Korea maintained its centrally planned economy amid market reforms would lead to reunifying families and bringing a new level of security to the entire region.

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