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Conviction Sets Dangerous Precedent, Threatens Right to Protest

By Center for Political Innovation8/31/2023
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The Center for Political Innovation takes no position on the issue of abortion. We are composed of members of all faiths, and of no faith. However, we are deeply troubled by the recent conviction of five members of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) who were protesting against abortion.

Although they have yet to be convicted of any overt act, they have been convicted of Conspiracy and are facing 11 years in Prison. These Conspiracy Laws are overbroad, vague, and dangerous. They can be used to convict anyone for anything at any time.

This is dangerous under any circumstances, but it is especially dangerous now. Economic conditions are already bad, but are about to get much, much worse. Soon, tens of millions of working people will be forced into the streets to demand emergency actions for their own survival. Monopoly Capital is preparing for that day. They want to make all protest and dissent a crime. They want to make it punishable by prison. They want to stop you from doing what you’re going to have to do. No matter how much one opposes or even hates a group or cause, we must defend their right to protest. If they lose that right now, so soon will you. And, as this breakdown crisis of Monopoly Capital deepens, if you lose your right to fight and protest, you lose your right to survive.