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Where is America Going?: Marxism, MAGA and the Coming Revolution

About this Publication

Behind the ongoing political crisis in the United States and the rising geopolitical tensions are problems rooted in economics. There is an all out battle for power among America’s elite and within the deep state. A bloc of resistance to western capitalism centered around Russia and China is rising. As the elite scramble to resolve the crisis, the Cold War political compass is broken. Unforeseen alliances may soon be on the horizon.

In this new volume which is the culmination of years of research, Caleb Maupin draws from Marx, Sorel, Parenti, Brzezinski, Lukacs, Dugin, Dutt, Foster, Luxemburg, Kautsky and many other important thinkers to explain where the country is headed and how those who want a better world could intervene. The book goes into depth about the Marxist concept of Bonapartism, the rise of “woke” politics and degrowth, the role of counter gangs and revolutionary movements, and the inevitable triumph of illiberalism. This book is a must-read for those who are serious about understanding the world in order to change it.


Caleb Maupin