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BreadTube Serves Imperialism

About this Publication

A group of liberal commentators with shady origins, loosely calling themselves “BreadTube” have become the primary online pro-socialist voices. The ideology that BreadTubers espouse, however, is not consistent with Marxism-Leninism or genuine anti-capitalism. Drawing from the work of Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, William Z. Foster, R. Palm Dutt, Peter Kropotkin and other great revolutionary thinkers, Caleb Maupin shows that BreadTube has emerged due to a power struggle within the US ruling class. Maupin contrasts the BreadTube worldview of pessimism, anti-populism and post-modernism with the hopeful project of 21st Century Socialism around the world. He urges working people to reject the dead end of identity politics, liberalism and de-growth, and instead to stand against decaying imperialism and its drive toward fascism and war.


Caleb Maupin