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Raid AIPAC not Uhuru

By John McCarthy1/28/2024
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Let’s compare 2 sets of events that happened in 2015 and their consequences.

First , Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of a foreign nation gave an address to AIPAC, a US Political Action Committee that donates millions of dollars every year to political campaigns in the United States. His speech to them was about what US Foreign Policy should be. Most of the Congressmen who receive AIPAC funds voted in accordance with what this foreign leader told this political action committee in his speech. He addressed AIPAC again at the beginning of 2023 and in November, AIPAC leaders traveled overseas to meet with him to discuss how to stop the American Government from supporting a Ceasefire.

There were 3 consequences for these speeches, contributions, and meetings. Zip, Nada, and Nothing. No fines. No arrests. Not even a strongly worded email.

Also in 2015, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement, who has been traveling both the United States and the World since the 1980s speaking about the struggle for Black Liberation gave 2 speeches. In the past he has spoken in Paris, London, Belfast, Spain, Stockholm, and South Africa. This time he spoke to a Non Governmental Organization in Moscow, Russia. Later he allowed the president of this NGO to give a few talks over Zoom to African People’s Socialist Party members and supporters in the United States.

The consequences for these speeches and meetings were that the Biden Administration staged a 5am pre-dawn paramilitary raid on the personal home of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and on the homes and offices of his followers.

Assault rifles werepointed at the chest of this 80 year old nonviolent man. His home and offices were attacked with drones and flash bangs and automatic battering rams. Doors and windows were destroyed. Papers and electronic devices were seized and never returned. Charges were eventually filed and are presently being fought out in court. Three leaders of this movement are facing up to 15 years in Prison.

Apparently, according to the Deep State and their puppet Joe Biden, collaborating with a foreign government to commit Genocide against Palestinians is fine and dandy and legal but collaborating with NGOs and people of good will to oppose Genocide against Black People in America is a grave and serious crime that must be punished.

The hypocrisy of US claims about “free speech” may be familiar to followers of the Julian Assange case, another man heavily persecuted by the US government for the crime of telling undesirable truths. While touring the United States showing his movie Ithika, Julian Assange’s father compared the Uhuru Case to Julian’s. He said they are the same fight, and he is right. In Deep State America, free speech is fully allowed – just as long as you agree with hyper-aggressive neoconservative foreign policy, constant proxy wars, and unrepentant war crimes. But if you oppose the Wall Street war machine, the US government will drop all pretense of fairness to silence you, whatever the law says.

Join us at the Center for Political Innovation in opposing the Biden Administration’s illegal attacks on the Uhuru Movement and on Free Speech!

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