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CPI Statement on Pelosi and Taiwan

By Center for Political Innovation8/2/2022
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The Center for Political Innovation condemns Speaker Pelosi’s warmongering attempts to interfere with China’s national sovereignty. Furthermore CPI calls for the United States to build the Belt & Road initiative alongside The People’s Republic of China. We call for a de-escalation of tensions while also holding firmly that China has the inviolable right to defend its territorial integrity.

The chances for catastrophic miscalculations and mistakes are enormous at this moment as China begins military exercises and Speaker Pelosi announces her provocatively timed intention to travel to Taiwan despite the gravest of warnings from communication channels administered by the Communist Party of China. In a Twitter post censored by the Tech giant, a commentator for the Party’s Global Times made the following statement (now censored by Twitter):

Jimmy Carter

On December 15, 1978 President Jimmy Carter announced to the world the recognition of The People’s Republic of China, The One China Policy and established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic. During his speech which you can see in full here, President Carter said the following

“These decisions and these actions open a new important chapter in our countries history and also in world affairs, to strengthen and expedite this relationship between China and the United States…this will give our governments the opportunity to consult with each other on global issues and to begin working together to enhance the call for world peace…a steady determined, bipartisan effort to build a world in which peace will be the goal and the responsibility of all nations, the normalization of relations between the United States and China, has no other purpose but this, the advancement of peace…”

Africa & Latin America

The Center For Political Innovation recognizes that China is not a colonial power and that Taiwan is an indisputable part of China. We also recognize the critical anti-imperialist role that China is playing in Africa & Latin America by acting as a harbinger of Multipolarity.

Consequences of War

Chinese exports to the United States reached 600 Billion USD in 2021, the economic integration between the United States and China is profound, a war between our great nations could plunge not only the world into economic ruin, but also the United States itself, as our population relies on China for countless products essential to a functional and modern society.

A Call for Unity

The Center for Political Innovation reiterates our call for unity with the great nations of Russia and China, together we have the power to industrialize the world, end poverty, war, disease, and starvation, we have the power to reach the stars, to build a global high-speed infrastructure, to connect and unite humanity behind the common cause of prosperity.

There is a world to win.

– The Center for Political Innovation