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Fidel Castro Exposes The Synthetic Left

In this compilation of Fidel Castro's columns for Cuba's daily newspaper Granma, we see stark differences between the revolutionary Marxism that inspired his revolution and the middle class activism of western countries. This small book has been put together to highlight the Cuban Communist leader's warnings about drugs, CIA manipulation, liberal interventionists and other points…

Jesus is a Socialist

Can one be both a Christian and a socialist? Are Marxism and Christianity compatible? This small, hand-held volume was assembled by the Center for Political Innovation in order to contribute to a very widespread conversation, happening all across the world, including the United States. In this short book, a compilation of verses from the Bible,…

BreadTube Serves Imperialism

A group of liberal commentators with shady origins, loosely calling themselves "BreadTube" have become the primary online pro-socialist voices. The ideology that BreadTubers espouse, however, is not consistent with Marxism-Leninism or genuine anti-capitalism. Drawing from the work of Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, William Z. Foster, R. Palm Dutt, Peter Kropotkin and other great revolutionary thinkers,…

Kamala Harris & The Future of America

Caleb Maupin examines the life of Kamala Harris, and puts her rise to prominence in the context of changing US political discourse and the geopolitical stage. The book draws heavily from Marxism-Leninism, as well as psychology and economics, examining the roots of the crisis in the United States, as well as factors that contributed to…

The Green Book

The official, non-copyrighted translation of the primary ideological work of Islamic Socialism in Libya, with a new introduction by journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin.

We Are City Builders: The Center for Political Innovation Educational Manual

This educational textbook, prepared by the Center for Political Innovation, provides an overall introduction to Marxism and world history. It contains selections from a number of important Marxist works along with study questions to facilitate group discussion.