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To the Masses: CPI members join protests for Palestine and Uhuru

By Jason A11/23/2023
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To the Masses:

CPI members join protests for Palestine and Uhuru

As conflict rages on in Gaza, members of the Center for Political Innovation have joined the wave of protests sweeping the United States. In addition, member John McCarthy was invited to speak at the 15th annual Black People’s March on the White House. Across America, CPI members have been going to the masses, joining the crowd, and doing their best to educate on the true causes of war and the way forward. Here are a few recent stories from our membership:


On November 4th, 2023, CPI member John McCarthy spoke at the 15th annual Black People’s March on the White House. The march, hosted by the Black is Back Coalition, advocated for the freedom of the Uhuru 3 and an end to US support for Israel’s war against Palestine, connecting both issues to the oppression of black people in the US and worldwide.

In his speech, John reiterated the Center for Political Innovation’s steadfast support for the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and its Uhuru Movement in their current struggle against government repression. “CPI is grateful to the African People’s Socialist Party for standing up, and fighting back, and winning, because it gives us the opportunity to stand up, fight back, and win. We will not waste this opportunity you have won for us.”

John also praised APSP’s community building efforts and economic development programs, comparing them to the way Russia, China, and the global South are separating from imperialism by “banding together, dumping the dollar, taking control of their own resources, and kicking the colonizers out.” He was proud to have the opportunity stand next to chairman Omali Yeshitela, as pictured on the left.

Overall, John saw the Black People’s March on the White House as a success. “The atmosphere was confident, combative, and optimistic,” John McCarthy said. “They know that imperialism and colonialism are collapsing. They know our side will win.”

Palestine flag outside CPI member’s home

“I fly the flag of Palestine at my house,” says CPI member Timoshenko. “When I first put it out, a very drunk neighbor came by to berate me and tell me that I wasn’t American enough. Other than that dope, most people who see that I stand with Palestine are experiencing a shift. How do they reconcile the tragic images that have come out of Gaza with what politicians are saying? Some of them smile at me. Reality is dawning on a lot of people.”

CPI founder Caleb Maupin has attended a number of pro-Palestine protests in New York City, both as a journalist and for his personal political interest. “On the one hand, I’m very happy to see lots of people out in the streets, supporting the Palestinians, standing up against the barrage of pro-Israeli propaganda from the media,” Caleb says in this video.

“But… imagine,” Caleb says, “that there was a sea of American flags alongside the Palestinian flags, and there were all kinds of signs about how our money as American taxpayers is not going to pay for the schools, and the hospitals, and the jobs, and the healthcare that we need, but instead is going to fund Israel. Imagine that we were building a united front with the broad masses of Americans to oppose the big monopolists and corporations that back Israel and have gotten us into these ugly wars. And unfortunately, the left, the communist groups… they have contempt for average Americans. On the one hand, I’m happy to see all these people in the streets for Palestine. On the other hand, I wish that we could build a real mass working-class movement among the American people to oppose war and to stand with the people of the world against imperialism as our country is falling apart.”

CPI member Nate K attended two Palestine marches recently, one at his college campus and one in Evanston, IL. He brought his own sign and took a picture of the events; both shown on the right. Nate found both events fairly similar, saying that most speeches were good, but a few rubbed him the wrong way. Nate was annoyed by speeches that focused on topics like “calling the US settler-colonialist” that had “nothing to do with Palestine.” Explaining his experience, he became frustrated, exclaiming, “They don’t get what the problem is!” However, Nate’s overall impressions were positive. He was glad to see more and more Americans getting out in the streets opposing war, and he plans to attend more pro-Palestine events in the future.


“To the Masses” highlights everyday stories of CPI members engaging their communities. In this segment, we want to share moments that inspire all of us to be city builders wherever we go – hardworking, generous, and ready to lead. If you have a positive story to share, contact us to discuss!