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Center for Political Innovation

A Four-Point Plan to Rescue the Country

We, the Center for Political Innovation, see that urgent measures are needed to save the country from the disaster created by the greed of billionaire bankers and capitalists. We put forward this 4-point plan:

1. A Mass Mobilization to Rebuild The Country

Now is the time to hire the millions of unemployed at union wages. Put them to work rebuilding the roads, bridges, water treatment facilities, power plants, schools, and hospitals of the country. High speed railway must connect the Midwest and South to more prosperous regions. The universities must be revamped so once again we are churning out the world’s greatest scientists and engineers.

A brain trust of the smartest minds must be assembled in order to lay out a detailed 5 year economic plan. The public must be mobilized to carry it out with the full support of the country’s resources.

2. Public Ownership of Natural Resources

It has become clear that big corporations and banks are not trustworthy in their management of America’s oil, natural gas, coal, timber, and other natural resources. As communities across the country fall into greater poverty, Wall Street monopolists enrich themselves from the natural wealth of American soil. Nationalization of these resources will end the budget deficit. The profits from America’s wealth must go to the country overall, not into the pockets of a few bankers. Popular power will be far more capable of managing these resources in a sustainable and eco-friendly way to ensure a better future in the face of the looming climate crisis.

3. Public Control of Banking

Speculation, money created from money with no real added value, hangs as a curse over the US economy. The Bible, the Torah, the Koran and every major religion historically has forbidden the lending of money at interest because it creates an ultra-rich creditor class, bringing the problem of monopolistic stagnation; extreme centralization of wealth in the hands of a few.

The lending of money should no longer be carried out for profit, but should be done by communities and the country overall at the local, state, and federal level. In place of the financial sector, a National Bank as well as many state and local banks should be created. Credit should be assigned in accordance with an overall economic plan, securing long term growth and development. Interest should be paid back into the public budget, lifting the burden of taxation from working families.

4. An Economic Bill of Rights

In his final State of the Union address, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed an Economic Bill of Rights. The right to a job, housing, education, and healthcare must be added to the US constitution. No one in the country should be left hungry while so much wealth exists. No one should be homeless in a country with millions of empty houses and apartments. All who can work should be hired to do useful work building a better America. Education should be considered a necessity for maintaining an informed population and healthy country.


The crisis facing the United States, exacerbated by the pandemic, is rooted in the capitalist system. The US has embraced insane, libertarian neoliberal economics. The setting up of prisons for profit, schools for profit, and private military contractors, all while reducing the public budget and decreasing the quality of life for the population. The public is viewed by the ruling elite as an obnoxious horde to be controlled and managed. The United States and the rest of the world are being reduced to greater poverty, in order to ensure that a clique of big bankers and international monopolies can stay at the top of a global high-tech economy. The danger of a new world war hangs over the USA, as it threatens countries like China, Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

We, the Center for Political Innovation, reject this vision for “de-growth,” a 21st Century Dark Age. Human creativity must be unleashed to build a better future. This 4-point plan is intended to move the USA toward a rational socialist planned economy.

America was founded on slavery and genocide of native people, but the legacy of ugly wars and racism are not the only side of this country. Within US history one can find a long history of progressives. Abolitionists, suffragists, labor unionists, peace activists, innovators, and optimists are just as much a part of America’s history as the war mongers and monopolists. This progressive side of the American people must be awakened in order to reconquer political power and drive out the war-makers and bankers.

The current economic crisis is giving birth to a new generation of young people who are engaging with revolutionary ideas in the hopes of saving the country from the nightmare of capitalism. Those who feel a sense of responsibility, patriotism, and morality must take history into their hands. The time is now.

We Need A Government of Action To Fight For Working Families!