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Private: CPI Highlights Israeli Role in Jan. 6th on International TV

By Simon Miller1/16/2022
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The Center for Political Innovation’s Keaten Mansfield appeared on PressTV alongside Richard Becker to discuss the January 6th riot, and was successful in outlining the over-exaggeration of its significance by the Democratic Party in an attempt at reducing criticism towards Biden’s disastrous first year in office.

“I think we need to set the record straight before we go any farther: this was not a coup. This was not an attempted coup. This was something that very clearly had FBI [and] CIA involvement. We had a lot of Israeli flags at the capitol building… we had a lot of Netanyahu supporters… you had police that were just opening the gates and letting people into the building. And if this was an attempted coup, if this was some attempt to strip away voting rights or some sort of attempt to bring fascism into the United States government, you would have had Donald Trump bring in the military, he’s commander and chief… or, Trump would’ve pardoned every last one of these people who have been arrested or indicted… This was not a coup, it was overplayed by corporate media, it was a way to [create] smoke and mirrors to take the populist element of Donald Trump and paint it as… fascism when… Trump isn’t any more fascistic than Biden is.”

After attempting to interrupt Keaten, Richard Becker was allowed to respond and he used this time to repeat himself, and claim that suspecting Israeli involvement is, “ludicrous.”

Keaten responded, “I want to be clear that I don’t think Netanyahu or the Israeli government engineered or set this up, but I think it’s very clear that, just as the FBI and the CIA and local police were involved in ensuring this riot went the way that it did, I feel very confident that we can say Mossad was just as present. It absolutely shouldn’t have happened, I think it’s clear to most anybody that Biden won the popular vote, Biden won the election, and, of course, Biden is president. There has been nothing that prevented him or tried to seriously prevent him from becoming president. And we can see the horrible [consequences] that have come out of Biden’s presidency of increasing detainment for ICE and increasing police funding more so than Trump did over his four years… [Coverage of January 6th] is an overplaying of what happened, perhaps smoke and mirrors, to distract from the real issue of us, the broad masses of people, against them, the few politicians and the international bankers and capitalists and oil monopolists who are really the ones running things.”