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CPI Chicago

CPI Chicago is working to present socialist economic policies to the working class and oppressed masses of Chicago through political education campaigns, research into local systemic failures and abuses of capitalism, and labor in service of neglected communities. Through our research and outreach, we aim to propagate to the future organizers of our communities. Our political education initiative, The Chicago Workers’ School, hosts reading groups at least once a week, offering both in-person meetings and virtual meetings (to which we also welcome those living outside of Chicago.) Currently, we are reading the We Are City Builders Educational Manual and relevant works within the Marxist tradition. We work to challenge people to learn and grow as individuals, as members of our organization, and as members of an increasingly class conscious working class. Our newest initiatives are a reading group inspired by The Black Panther Party’s reading list, a reading group in Spanish, drawing on the Latin American revolutionary tradition, and ice removal from sidewalks in areas of high foot traffic.